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Discover endless family-friendly programming options. With Meoflix you'll find plenty of options to make sure the TV time together is worth it.

Qwerty RCU

The Meoflix Qbic's Qwerty RCU is an ultra-modern remote control that features Voice Search and Air Mouse functions and it’s also super easy to use!

Headphones Included

On days when we are in such a hurry, silence has become very valuable. Meoflix thinks about you and your family, so you can watch your favorite programs at full volume and without the others losing their calm!

There is a Meoflix for everyone!

With up to 60 (FPS), you'll get a realistic, sensitive and crystalline movement, no matter how crazy the chasing of the thieves is or how abrupt the bomb explodes; and the good news is that there is a Meoflix for every pocket.